Service - Hammam

   In Lunigiana the charm of
   a turkish bath You did not expect.

   In a holiday farm
   the "a steam bath" with
   over twenty centuries of history.

   The turkish bath is a
   form of healthy pleasure
   and refined, allowing a wash
   of the skin deeper.
   The dilation of the pores that the
    heat entails facilitates the
    penetration of the steam, so you
    delete the impurities.
    The skin will become brighter,
    elastic and soft.

    Alternating with water jets
    cold will improve the
    improves the blood circulation.
La Costa di Gavedo-Lunigiana-Toscana
La Costa di Gavedo - localitÓ Gavedo - 54026 Mulazzo - MS - Toscana - Italy - tel. (+39) 3389050592  /