La Costa di Gavedo-Lunigiana-Toscana

    Festivals -gourmet

    In August there are many food
    festivals they are a great
    opportunity to taste products
    local food and wine.


    In August in Mulazzo
    Display of wines and more ...

   Panigacci Festival


  The "panigaccio" is a bread, a typical
    specialty of Podenzana.
    Has a round shape, with a diameter
    of about 15 cm.
    It has a fragrant scent similar to that
    some bread.
    It is prepared by mixing the flour grain,
    with salt and water, until obtaining
    a dense mixture, which is put into
    terracotta texts, stacked on each other
    We still eat warm, accompanied by
    meats and cheeses, or with pesto,
    mushroom sauce, or seasoned with
    extra virgin olive oil and grated cheese.
    Or as sweet with jam or Nutella


   Mushroom Festival ...

    ... fried,
      scallops with mushrooms,
      mushroom soup,
      pappardelle with mushrooms ...

     Chestnut Festival ...

chestnut flour pappardelle
     roasted chestnuts
     chestnut fritters with ricotta
     and honey ...

   The "Sgabei"

The typical fried bread, very tasty
    both with meats and cheeses or
    with chocolate
    The most classic form is that
    elongated like a baguette.

   The "testaroli"

The first Lunigianese dish for
    excellence, replaces the classic
    pasta dish.
    After cooking a dough of
    water and flour in a "text", the disk
    of bread is cut first a
    strips, then lozenges. These
    They are made to "revive" in water
    boiling, drained and seasoned
    with the pesto and plenty of

    The "lardo di Colonnata"


     Colonnata is a tiny village
     known in the world for lard.
     Colonnata is located on the
     Apuan Alps, famous
     for marble.

   At the "Costa di Gavedo"

Guests can enjoy a "spartan"
    It is nice to get acquainted
    and converse in friendship.

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